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KingMa VLB-220W Rechargeable V-Lock V Mount Battery (216Wh/15000mAh)

KingMa VLB-220W Rechargeable V-Lock V Mount Battery (216Wh/15000mAh)

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Kingma VLB-220W V-Mount battery.

By professionally filming, you must not allow an unexpected power failure. Kingma VLB-220W V-Mount offers high quality, safety and advanced technology, all at an attractive price. The battery with V-Mount (V-Lock) is suitable for many different types of lighting.

High quality

For the production of Kingma batteries, the best quality cells from a leading manufacturer of electric cars were used. The capacity given in milliamps is real and ensures a long service life.

Many uses

The Kingma VLB-220W battery is additionally equipped with USB, D-tap and DC sockets. This allows you to use the energy stored in it for many applications.

100% security

The built-in intelligent protection system, based on the electronic IC, regulates the charging process. This guarantees safety and protection for the device and the user. The LED indicator shows the current charge level.

Advanced technology

The Kingma replacement was built in lithium-ion technology. It allows for multiple charging and discharging, as well as recharging at any time without the risk of the so-called. memory effect.

Many years of experience

The Kingma brand has been on the market for many years and has a long list of satisfied customers, both among professionals and amateurs.

Lighting equipped with a V-Mount socket. ATTENTION! Do not use these batteries to power V-mount cameras.

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