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GS LitBox Go Portable LED COB Video Light Battery & AC Powered

GS LitBox Go Portable LED COB Video Light Battery & AC Powered

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Latest 2024 Version Comes with APP: Control each and every light with different settings individually. Great feature for user with multiple lights set up. 

Introducing the GS LitBox Go Portable LED COB Video Light: Your Ultimate Lighting Companion for Indoor and Outdoor Shoots

Lightweight and Compact: Designed for your convenience, our portable LED COB video light is lightweight and compact, ensuring hassle-free transportation and setup wherever your creative projects take you.

Bowens Mount: Comes with built-in compact Bowens mount design, allows you to choose and mount a wide variety of softbox and light modifiers available in the market. 

Adjustable Color Temperature: From 3200-5600K, color temperature is adjustable from warm yellow color to daylight white color similar to daytime sunlight color for various scenes possibility. 

CRI 97+ LED Bulb: Equipped with a CRI 97+ LED bulb, our video light sets the standard for superior color accuracy and lifelike tones. Witness your visuals elevate to a new level of authenticity.

Dual Power Options: Experience flexibility like never before. Seamlessly switch between battery and cable power supply, adapting to your shooting environment without compromise.

Powerful Performance in a Lightweight Build: Don't be fooled by its size. The GS LitBox Go packs the punch of a regular 60W light while being three times lighter. Enjoy the same brightness with unmatched portability.

Outshining Ceiling Lights: With a lighting capacity ten times more powerful than ceiling lights, the GS LitBox Go guarantees your subject remains the center of attention, regardless of the environment.

Energy-Efficient Excellence: Maximize your shooting time with three times less energy consumption compared to traditional tungsten light. Create more, conserve energy, and reduce your footprint.

Versatile Special Effect Modes: Elevate your creativity with eight built-in special effect modes. From simulating camera flashes to mimicking thunderstorms, each mode adds a unique touch to your visual storytelling:

Camera Flash


TV Screen




Broken Bulb


Discover endless possibilities in your visual narrative with the GS LitBox Go Portable LED COB Video Light. Illuminate your world with precision, portability, and creativity.

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