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GS Studio Lighting Equipment

GS LitBox Continous Lighting Softbox Light Kit LED Video Photo Light Adjustable Color Temp & Brightness Wireless Remote

GS LitBox Continous Lighting Softbox Light Kit LED Video Photo Light Adjustable Color Temp & Brightness Wireless Remote

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GS LitBox is an entry level business grade photo/ video content light that is designed for business users in mind. Business users that just started out on online photo and video content or Live Selling can shoot with a peace of mind knowing that this light is reliable, strong and accurate in its color delivery. The control is also easy with a responsive wireless remote control. At 105W output, the power delivery is strong while maintaining low power consumption thus saving cost on electricity. The bulb is also designed with cooling fins to allow long hours of peace of mind shooting. 


Q. Is GS LitBox suitable for shooting photo and video? How about Live broadcast video?

A. Yes, suitable, it is not only suitable for shooting photo and video, it is also great for Live selling on platforms like Shopee and TikTok Live. 

Q. GS LitBox is only 105W, is it sufficient? Do you have higher wattage bulb?

A. GS LitBox LED bulb is a technologically advanced bulb that has low power consumption but high output. However if you still wish to have higher wattage bulb installed, the softbox could support up to 200W of bulb.

Q. What is the difference between GS LitBox and other generic softbox that is cheaper in the market?

A. GS LitBox has a patented folding mechanism that is easy to fold and highly durable compared to generic products that is available in the market.

Q. Does it come with instruction manual on how to assemble and use?

A. Yes, when you've received the product, look for the thank you card that has a QR code on it. Scan the code, it will lead you to an installation video to get your started. It will also teach you how to start shooting immediately. 

Q. Is GS LitBox ready in stock?

A. Yes, we have ready stocks available at our PJ Outlet. 

Q. Roughly when will I receive my order after I've made the payment?

A. For order that is placed before 3pm daily, we will pack and ship out within the same day and you shall be able to receive your order within 2-3 working days. For same day delivery order, if the order is placed before 4pm, you will get your order within 2 hours time depending on traffic condition. 

Q. Does this light have any reviews online?

A. Yes, plenty on TikTok, try to search GS LitBox on TikTok, plenty of reviews by our customers and KOLs that already purchased and using our lights. 

Q. Is this product covered with any warranty?

A. Yes, 1 month for the bulb and 3 months for the light socket head.


GS LitBox Complete Set

-1x GS LitBox Softbox

-1x 105w Bulb

-1x 2m Stand

-1x Kit Bag

GS LitBox (No Bag)

-1x GS LitBox Softbox

-1x 105w Bulb

-1x 2m Stand

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