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TYST TY-320 Pro 8-12.9inch Tablet Teleprompter for DSLR Smartphone IPAD (Free Flight Case & Remote Control)
Price RM888.00
Product SKU TY-320-Pro
Size (L x W x H) 46.2 cm x 37.5 cm x 24 cm
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1. Support 4.7-7 inch mobile phone prompting and shooting.

2. Support the use of 8-12.9 inch tablet computer.

3. Provide a dedicated mobile phone adapter backplane, which can be adapted to 99% of the mobile phone cameras on the market, and the mobile phone can be installed for horizontal/vertical screen shooting according to shooting needs.

4. Support DV, SLR, professional cameras, shoulder-mounted cameras for shooting and use, and the height and distance of the camera can be adjusted according to needs.

5. According to the shooting needs, the installation method can be quickly adjusted and the adaptable backplane can be replaced to adapt to the shooting mode of mobile phones/professional cameras.

6. Provide hot shoe expansion interface, according to the shooting needs, install video lights/microphones, etc., to improve shooting needs.

7. The teleprompter support plate is CNC aluminum alloy design, the contact surface is non-slip silicone, and the 38mm wide gimbal buckle design is adopted on both sides, which can be easily installed on the tripod gimbal and used directly, reducing the difficulty of operation and providing 1/4 And 3/8 standard screw holes, can be used with other quick release plates.

8. Provide teleprompter software for Android and Apple operating systems, simple design interface, user-friendly operation mode, users can scan the QR code to download as needed.

9. Provide a dedicated wireless Bluetooth controller, which can be connected with Android and Apple system devices to realize real-time control of the teleprompter software, so that the anchor can control the speed of the broadcast document in real time when shooting short videos and improve the shooting quality.

10. Free remote control and flight case given. Flight case is given for free (not the normal hard case) to further protect the glass of the prompter which is very fragile. 

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What's in the box

Package includes: 

TYST Video TS-320 Pro x1

Keyboard Controller x1

ABS Case x1

Display Mirror x1

Software x1

Frame x1

Instruction Book x1


1x Remote control 

1x Flight case