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GS Pro Acoustic Foam 30cmx30cmx5cm With Self-Adhesive Soundproof Foam Studio Recording Sound Absorption
Price RM1.59 - RM4.59
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Size (L x W x H) 33 cm x 33 cm x 5 cm
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**all foams we sell aren't compressed, all in optimal shape. But at times courier delivery will deform the foam abit, follow the steps in one of the pictures above to recover the shape back to normal

** Please note: For the 30x30x2.5cm Acoustic foam, the MAX UNIT per order is 144 pcs**

EASY TO INSTALL, comes with self adhesive tape.


3D WEDGES DESIGN: Acoustic foam Panels provides great sound control on walls or ceilings. Perfect for individuals to reduce and absorb unwanted echoes, waves, reverb, and flutter echoes.

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Made up of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, the acoustic panels not only have effective sound absorption characteristics And no noticeable odor will not cause any harm to our body. The material is also fire retardant. 

STUDIO MUST-HAVE:Reduce Unwanted Noise And Echo Make Higher Quality Audio and Video Recording, The panels help reduce reverb, flutter echoes, undesirable acoustic reflections, unwanted noises,Improving your audio quality instantly by reducing background noise and echo while recording your voice overs, music, interviews, podcasts, TikTok videos or YouTube videos

EASY TO INSTALL - Our Acoustic Foam Panels are made with flexible, professional grade acoustic foam, they are lightweight and can be installed to a variety of different surfaces. It already came with self adhesive tape for easy installation. Just peel and stick on. 


- Youtuber, Tiktok, content creator studios. No more low quality home made recordings. Get studio grade recording at home. 
- Entertainment noise control: KTV room, home theatre, jamming studio
- Workplace noise control: meeting room, conference room, auditorium.
- Industrial space noise control: factory machinery noise, bitcoin farm noise control

Size: 30x30x5cm. 5cm thick!
Shape: Wedge shape. 


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1x GS Pro Acoustic Foam